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1. 潘浩同时建议,最近这段时间,学校要加强晨检、巡检,让学生勤洗手、正确洗手,要加强教室通风和消毒,一旦发生流感样病例,要及时隔离,及时与疾控部门、社区卫生服务中心联系,明确诊断为流感的学生和教工,要等退热后48小时,才能返校或返工。
2. "They may be scarce, and they may be hidden away somewhere-- some kind of a matriarchate, as Jeff tells us; for that matter, they may live up in the mountains yonder and keep the women in this part of the country--sort of a national harem! But there are men somewhere--didn't you see the babies?"
3. 我在7月5日中午接到小娟的电话,说小凯不行了,我马上订了7月6日晚飞澳洲的机票。飞机在7月7日墨尔本时间6点55分着陆,行李等了很长时间,大概20分钟吧,更不幸的是,我被抽查了,出大厅时已是7点36分。在我们驶完了近50分钟的车程,于8点26分走进家门时,小凯已耗尽最后一点气息,离我们而去,那是在澳洲时间7月7日7点49分,北京时间还只是5点49分。
4. n. 妥协,折衷,折衷案
5. 想一想再看
6.   My Lord, when Ghinotto was yonger then now he is, he studyedPhysicke, and he commanded me to tell you, that the very bestmedicine, he could ever learne, against any disease in the stomacke,was this which he had provided for your Lordship, as an especialpreparative, and which he should finde to be very comfortable. TheAbbot, who had a better stomacke to eate, then any will or desire totalke: although hee did it somewhat disdainfully, yet hee eate up boththe toastes, and roundly dranke the Glasse of Bastard. Afterward,divers other speeches passed betweene them, the one still advisingin Phisicall manner, and the other seeming to care little for it:but moved many questions concerning Ghinotto, and earnestly requestingto see him. Such speeches as savoured of the Abbots discontentment,and came from him in passion; were clouded with courteousacceptance, and not the least signe of any mislike: but assuring hisLordship, that Ghinotto intended very shortly to see him, and sothey parted for that time.Nor returned he any more, till the next morning with the like twotoastes of bread, and such another Glasse of white Bastard, as hehad brought him at the first, continuing the same course for diversdayes after: till the Abbot had eaten (and very hungerly too) a prettystore of dryed Beanes, which Ghinotto purposely, (yet secretly) hadhidden in the Chamber. Whereupon he demaunded of him (as seeming to beso enjoyned by his pretended master) in what temper he found hisstomacke now? I should finde my stomacke well enough (answered theLord Abbot) if I could get forth of thy masters fingers, and then havesome good food to feed on: for his medicines have made me so soundlystomackt, that I am ready to starve with hunger.


1. 晚上7点多,社区工作人员帮这家人测量了体温,同时对这家人进行劝告,并发放告知书。
2. 字节跳动怎么做到透明,就是靠一个内部可匿名发言的论坛。
3. 这家股本仅有8500万的新三板公司就符合上述特征。
4. 第六章
5. "It is a long time since I saw a nice place from the inside," was the thought which crossed her mind.
6. 其中两个M.2SSD插槽隐藏在主板散热装甲下,M.2SSD安装后可通过装甲下配备的导热胶与散热装甲紧密接触。


1. 但是这类产品由于之前在市场上没有销售,销售渠道没有竞品销售数据对比,品牌在渠道的拓展上初期会比较费力。
2.   Mephistopheles
3. 就原因而言,认为效果不佳、医院误诊延误病情施暴人神志不清而伤医等情况较为普遍
4.   "Certainly."
5.   I feel oppressed! The pillars of the wall Imprison me! The vaulted roofWeighs down upon me! - air!
6.   The prince could hardly believe his ears, and rode off as hard as he could. He found his way, and arrived safe and sound at his father's house, where he told him of the danger he had run because of the grand-vizir's carelessness. The king was very angry, and had him strangled immediately.


1. 嘉楠发行价为9美元,募集资金为9000万美元。
2. 举例来说,新浪微博就一直提供推特所不具备的一些功能,尤其是评论功能,让众多用户得以在别人发表的微博下发表自己的见解。拥有逾7亿用户的腾讯QQ即时信息服务也有众多附加功能,比如可以让用户改换形象的“皮肤”,同时QQ还是腾讯为其他产品和服务做广告的渠道。新浪拒绝置评。
3. 图片来源:新浪微博、国家商标局网站。
4. 这样的情况下,这个公司才可以产生数字化时代最高效的决策。
5. 里里镇文化站站长向笔者介绍,它(澹泊书店)的环境设施很好,是旅游区必备的东西,也是我们里里镇唯一的门面。
6.   'Servant, sir,' said Mr. Omer. 'What can I do for you, sir?' 'You can shake hands with me, Mr. Omer, if you please,' said I, putting out my own. 'You were very good-natured to me once, when I am afraid I didn't show that I thought so.'


1. 自信来自于正向反馈,对于创业者而言最大的魅力在于有抉择权,自己的所思所想最终决定在某个特定的关键点发力,若是这次发力得到了成效,会带来即刻的正向反馈,创业者会认为正是因为自己的英明决策所以带来了这次成功的结果。
2. 美国尤其是硅谷,对于少年马斯克来说,意味着最前沿的科技,是探险家的乐园,是实现梦想的地方。
3.   And when that Dame Prudence saw her time she freined [inquired] and asked her lord Meliboeus, what vengeance he thought to take of his adversaries. To which Meliboeus answered, and said; "Certes," quoth he, "I think and purpose me fully to disinherit them of all that ever they have, and for to put them in exile for evermore." "Certes," quoth Dame Prudence, "this were a cruel sentence, and much against reason. For ye be rich enough, and have no need of other men's goods; and ye might lightly [easily] in this wise get you a covetous name, which is a vicious thing, and ought to be eschewed of every good man: for, after the saying of the Apostle, covetousness is root of all harms. And therefore it were better for you to lose much good of your own, than for to take of their good in this manner. For better it is to lose good with worship [honour], than to win good with villainy and shame. And every man ought to do his diligence and his business to get him a good name. And yet [further] shall he not only busy him in keeping his good name, but he shall also enforce him alway to do some thing by which he may renew his good name; for it is written, that the old good los [reputation <5>] of a man is soon gone and passed, when it is not renewed. And as touching that ye say, that ye will exile your adversaries, that thinketh ye much against reason, and out of measure, [moderation] considered the power that they have given you upon themselves. And it is written, that he is worthy to lose his privilege, that misuseth the might and the power that is given him. And I set case [if I assume] ye might enjoin them that pain by right and by law (which I trow ye may not do), I say, ye might not put it to execution peradventure, and then it were like to return to the war, as it was before. And therefore if ye will that men do you obeisance, ye must deem [decide] more courteously, that is to say, ye must give more easy sentences and judgements. For it is written, 'He that most courteously commandeth, to him men most obey.' And therefore I pray you, that in this necessity and in this need ye cast you [endeavour, devise a way] to overcome your heart. For Seneca saith, that he that overcometh his heart, overcometh twice. And Tullius saith, 'There is nothing so commendable in a great lord, as when he is debonair and meek, and appeaseth him lightly [easily].' And I pray you, that ye will now forbear to do vengeance, in such a manner, that your good name may be kept and conserved, and that men may have cause and matter to praise you of pity and of mercy; and that ye have no cause to repent you of thing that ye do. For Seneca saith, 'He overcometh in an evil manner, that repenteth him of his victory.' Wherefore I pray you let mercy be in your heart, to the effect and intent that God Almighty have mercy upon you in his last judgement; for Saint James saith in his Epistle, 'Judgement without mercy shall be done to him, that hath no mercy of another wight.'"

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      An aunt of my father's, and consequently a great-aunt of mine, of whom I shall have more to relate by and by, was the principal magnate of our family. Miss Trotwood, or Miss Betsey, as my poor mother always called her, when she sufficiently overcame her dread of this formidable personage to mention her at all (which was seldom), had been married to a husband younger than herself, who was very handsome, except in the sense of the homely adage, 'handsome is, that handsome does' - for he was strongly suspected of having beaten Miss Betsey, and even of having once, on a disputed question of supplies, made some hasty but determined arrangements to throw her out of a two pair of stairs' window. These evidences of an incompatibility of temper induced Miss Betsey to pay him off, and effect a separation by mutual consent. He went to India with his capital, and there, according to a wild legend in our family, he was once seen riding on an elephant, in company with a Baboon; but I think it must have been a Baboo or a Begum. Anyhow, from India tidings of his death reached home, within ten years. How they affected my aunt, nobody knew; for immediately upon the separation, she took her maiden name again, bought a cottage in a hamlet on the sea-coast a long way off, established herself there as a single woman with one servant, and was understood to live secluded, ever afterwards, in an inflexible retirement.

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    Yes. The government hasn’t won a vertical merger case in decades. According to the Department of Justice’s own review guidelines, “vertical mergers” between content owners like Time Warner and distributors like AT&T are much less worrisome than horizontal ones. Meanwhile, the Fang companies — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google — now dominate the digital entertainment landscape, which makes the government’s argument that the merger of two old-media firms would fundamentally alter competition even harder to make.

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      The young woman only replied by the beautiful glow which mountedto her cheeks. A few seconds afterward D'Artagnan also went outenveloped in a large cloak, which ill-concealed the sheath of along sword.

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      Therefore the peculiar soft assurance of a girl like Constance Reid fascinated him. She was so much more mistress of herself in that outer world of chaos than he was master of himself.