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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I have the advantage of knowing your habits, my dear Watson,"said he. "When your round is a short one you walk, and when it is along one you use a hansom. As I perceive that your boots, althoughused, are by no means dirty, I cannot doubt that you are at presentbusy enough to justify the hansom."
2.  "It was the man's own pouch, sir. His initials were inside it. Andit was of sealskin,- and he was an old sealer."
3.  "We might possibly want him. Well, we can do no more until we seehow things develop. Good-bye- but I expect that we shall see youbefore morning."
4.  Holmes pulled a large sheet of tissue-paper out of his pocket andcarefully unfolded it upon his knee.
5.  She had turned a dreadful colour, the more ghastly under the darkdust-streaks upon her face. She seated herself on the side of the bed;then she resumed.
6.  "Hum! It was a very remarkable performance- very remarkable. Well, Ithink we have exhausted the path. Let us go farther. This gardendoor is usually kept open, I suppose? Then this visitor had nothing todo but to walk in. The idea of murder was not in her mind, or shewould have provided herself with some sort of weapon, instead ofhaving to pick this knife off the writing-table. She advanced alongthis corridor, leaving no traces upon the cocoanut matting. Then shefound herself in this study. How long was she there? We have nomeans of judging."


1.  "Yours very truly,
2.  "You will find it rather disconnected, I fear, and there may proveto be little relation between the different incidents of which Ispeak. On the very first day that I was at the Copper Beeches, Mr.Rucastle took me to a small outhouse which stands near the kitchendoor. As we approached it I heard the sharp rattling of a chain, andthe sound as of a large animal moving about.
3.  "Mr. Trevor stood slowly up, fixed his large blue eyes upon mewith a strange wild stare, and then pitched forward, with his faceamong the nutshells which strewed the cloth, in a dead faint."You can imagine, Watson, how shocked both his son and I were. Hisattack did not last long, however, for when we undid his collar andsprinkled the water from one of the finger-glasses over his face, hegave a gasp or two and sat up.
4.  "Did he get any letters?"
5.  From out of her bosom Lady Hilda had drawn a small key. The box flewopen. It was stuffed with papers. Holmes thrust the blue envelope deepdown into the heart of them, between the leaves of some otherdocument. The box was shut, locked, and returned to the bedroom."Now we are ready for him," said Holmes. "We have still ten minutes.I am going far to screen you, Lady Hilda. In return you will spend thetime in telling me frankly the real meaning of this extraordinaryaffair."
6.  "'"Victor, you will acknowledge that you have used this worthyfellow rather roughly," said the dad, turning to me.


1.  "'Ah, that is the point. jump in and we can talk it over while wedrive. You remember that fellow who came upon the evening before youleft us?'
2.  "In all hour- possibly less."
3.  'Oh, I would not venture to say, sir. I don't believe there is anygentleman in this university who is capable of profiting by such anaction. No, sir, I'll not believe it."
4.  "Stand back! Stand right back!" said he with the sharp imperiousnesswhich I had associated only with moments of crisis. "If you approachme, Watson, I shall order you out of the house."
5.   "It's perfectly absurd, Mr. Holmes," he said. "What can this manpossibly know of what has occurred? It is waste of time and money.""He would not have telegraphed to you if he did not knowsomething. Wire at once that you are coming."
6.  2. The Tiger of San Pedro


1.  Colonel Emsworth was not in his room, but he came quickly enoughon receipt of Ralph's message. We heard his quick, heavy step in thepassage. The door was flung open and he rushed in with bristling beardand twisted features, as terrible an old man as ever I have seen. Heheld our cards in his hand, and he tore them up and stamped on thefragments.
2.  "'Precisely what I don't want you to do. I had a row over you withMawson's manager. I had gone up to ask him about you, and he wasvery offensive; accused me of coaxing you away from the service of thefirm, and that sort of thing. At last I fairly lost my temper. "If youwant good men you should pay them a good price," said I."'"He would rather have our small price than your big one," said he."'"I'll lay you a fiver," said I, "that when he has my offeryou'll never so much as hear from him again."
3.  The salesman nodded and shot a questioning glance at mycompanion.
4、  "When did you first meet Miss Hatty Doran?"
5、  "But you can know nothing of this?"




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      "That is very evident."

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       "Dear me, Holmes!" I cried, "that seemed to me to be the mostdamning incident of all."

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      "And what had you to report?"

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    {  Dr. Sterndale drew from his pocket a paper packet and laid it uponthe table. On the outside was written "Radix pedis diaboli" with a redpoison label beneath it. He pushed it towards me. "I understand thatyou are a doctor, sir. Have you ever heard of this preparation?""Devil's-foot root! No, I have never heard of it."

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      "And then there was another thing. It comes back to me now as Ithink it over. There was some evidence that just at the time thelion roared and the woman screamed, a man began shouting in terror.""This man Ronder, no doubt."}

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      -THE END-

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      "That is understood. In the first place, you have no doubt heardof General de Merville?"

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       "She left the office and I followed her. She walked up theKennington Road, and I kept behind her. Presently she went into ashop. Mr. Holmes, it was an undertaker's."

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    {  Holmes's cross-examination was interrupted by an imperative knockingat the door. No sooner had our client unlatched it than the Americanlawyer burst excitedly into the room.

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      "I am glad to hear you say so," said Holmes gravely.