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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Aramis continued:
2.  "Possibly," continued Aramis, "came toward me, accompanied byfive or six men who followed about ten paces behind him; and inthe politest tone, 'Monsieur Duke,' said he to me, 'and youmadame,' continued he, addressing the lady on my arm--""The doctor's niece?"
3.  "Therefore, sire, your Majesty sees that they are come, quitecontrite and repentant, to offer you their excuses.""Quite contrite and repentant! Hem!" said the king. "I place noconfidence in their hypocritical faces. In particular, there isone yonder of a Gascon look. Come hither, monsieur."D'Artagnan, who understood that it was to him this compliment wasaddressed, approached, assuming a most deprecating air."Why you told me he was a young man? This is a boy, Treville, amere boy! Do you mean to say that it was he who bestowed thatsevere thrust at Jussac?"
4.  "Your Lordship must have observed that he could not continue hisjourney."
5.  "Monseigneur--"
6.  "I wish to say three words to you, Monsieur Chevalier,"stammered the SOUBRETTE.


1.  "And you will add to them this knife," said the duke, pressing the handof Laporte. He had just strength enough to place the scent bag at thebottom of the silver casket, and to let the knife fall into it, making asign to Laporte that he was no longer able to speak; than, in a lastconvulsion, which this time he had not the power to combat, he slippedfrom the sofa to the floor.
2.  "Yes, monsieur, and it was he who taught me to lay a snare andground a line. The consequence is that when I saw our laborers,which did not at all suit two such delicate stomachs as ours, Ihad recourse to a little of my old trade. While walking near thewood of Monsieur le Prince, I laid a few snare in the runs; andwhile reclining on the banks of his Highness's pieces of water, Islipped a few lines into his fish ponds. So that now, thanks beto God, we do not want, as Monsieur can testify, for partridges,rabbits, carp or eels--all light, wholesome food, suitable forthe sick."
3.  "To which you attach more value, it seems, than I do tomine; at least, I have thought so."
4.  "We divided, then, this diamond into ten parts of a hundredpistoles each."
5.  "Yes, yes, let them come up immediately. It is nearly eighto'clock, and at nine I expect a visit. Go, Monsieur Duke, andreturn often. Come in, Treville."
6.  "That is it," replied the cardinal, dryly.


1.  "Ah," said he, dissembling his emotion under a feignedcarelessness, "do not talk of such things, and suffer love pains?VANITAS VANITATUM! According to your idea, then, my brain isturned. And for whom-for some GRISETTE, some chambermaid withwhom I have trifled in some garrison? Fie!"
2.  But this time our Gascon saw at a glance all the advantageto be derived from the love which Kitty had just confessedso innocently, or so boldly: the interception of lettersaddressed to the Comte de Wardes, news on the spot, entranceat all hours into Kitty's chamber, which was contiguous toher mistress's. The perfidious deceiver was, as may plainlybe perceived, already sacrificing, in intention, the poorgirl in order to obtain Milady, willy-nilly.
3.  "Do you know him personally?" asked the governor."Whom?"
4.  "But," said D'Artagnan, in the ear of Athos, "you are goingto get us all killed without mercy."
5.   "How do you know I was praying, sir?" said Milady, in a voicebroken by sobs. "You were deceived, sir; I was not praying.""Do you think, then, madame," replied Felton, in the same seriousvoice, but with a milder tone, "do you think I assume the rightof preventing a creature from prostrating herself before herCreator? God forbid! Besides, repentance becomes the guilty;whatever crimes they may have committed, for me the guilty aresacred at the feet of God!"
6.  "As you please, Madame Bonacieux," said the ex-mercer. "Shall Isee you again soon?"


1.  Milady saw the trouble. She felt by intuition the flame of theopposing passions which burned with the blood in the veins of theyoung fanatic. As a skillful general, seeing the enemy ready tosurrender, marches toward him with a cry of victory, she rose,beautiful as an antique priestess, inspired like a Christianvirgin, her arms extended, her throat uncovered, her hairdisheveled, holding with one hand her robe modestly drawn overher breast, her look illumined by that fire which had alreadycreated such disorder in the veins of the young Puritan, and wenttoward him, crying out with a vehement air, and in her melodiousvoice, to which on this occasion she communicated a terribleenergy:
2.  All eyes were fixed upon this man, whose words were listened to withanxious attention.
3.  These three others fenced against him with their agile swords.D'Artagnan at first took these weapons for foils, and believedthem to be buttoned; but he soon perceived by certain scratchesthat every weapon was pointed and sharpened, and that at each ofthese scratches not only the spectators, but even the actorsthemselves, laughed like so many madmen.
5、  Milady opened the window, and made a sign to Mme. Bonacieux to join her.The young woman complied.




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      "Yes, yes!" said Felton, passing his hands over his brow, coveredwith sweat, as if to remove his last doubt. "Yes, I recognizethe voice which speaks to me in my dreams; yes, I recognize thefeatures of the angel who appears to me every night, crying to mysoul, which cannot sleep: 'Strike, save England, save thyself--for thou wilt die without having appeased God!' Speak, speak!"cried Felton, "I can understand you now."

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      "I pulled down my hood as soon as I saw him, but perhaps itwas too

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       "He will play me some dog's trick or other, and thatimmediately," said Treville. "One has never the last word withsuch a man. But let us be quick--the king may change his mind inan hour; and at all events it is more difficult to replace a manin the Fort l'Eveque or the Bastille who has got out, than tokeep a prisoner there who is in."

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      Felton became frightfully pale, and a convulsive tremor creptthrough his whole body.

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    {  The queen had just regained her chamber, and D'Artagnan was aboutto retire, when he felt his should lightly touched. He turnedand saw a young woman, who made him a sign to follow her. Theface of this young woman was covered with a black velvet mask;but notwithstanding this precaution, which was in fact takenrather against others than against him, he at once recognized hisusual guide, the light and intelligent Mme. Bonacieux.On the evening before, they had scarcely seen each other for amoment at the apartment of the Swiss guard, Germain, whitherD'Artagnan had sent for her. The haste which the young woman wasin to convey to the queen the excellent news of the happy returnof her messenger prevented the two lovers from exchanging morethan a few words. D'Artagnan therefore followed Mme. Bonacieuxmoved by a double sentiment--love and curiosity. All the way,and in proportion as the corridors became more deserted,D'Artagnan wished to stop the young woman, seize her and gazeupon her, were it only for a minute; but quick as a bird sheglided between his hands, and when he wished to speak to her, herfinger placed upon her mouth, with a little imperative gesturefull of grace, reminded him that he was under the command of apower which he must blindly obey, and which forbade him even tomake the slightest complaint. At length, after winding about fora minute or two, Mme. Bonacieux opened the door of a closet,which was entirely dark, and led D'Artagnan into it. There shemade a fresh sign of silence, and opened a second door concealedby tapestry. The opening of this door disclosed a brilliantlight, and she disappeared.

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      "My chaise broke down coming into Lilliers."}

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      "What are they?"

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      "D'Artagnan and his friends."

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       On her side Mme. Bonacieux had also reflected; but, it must beadmitted, upon something widely different from ambition. Inspite of herself her thoughts constantly reverted to thathandsome young man who was so brave and appeared to be so much inlove. Married at eighteen to Mme. Bonacieux, having always livedamong her husband's friends--people little capable of inspiringany sentiment whatever in a young woman whose heart was above herposition--Mme. Bonacieux had remained insensible to vulgarseductions; but at this period the title of gentleman had greatinfluence with the citizen class, and D'Artagnan was a gentleman.Besides, he wore the uniform of the Guards, which next to that ofthe Musketeers was most admired by the ladies. He was, werepeat, handsome, young, and bold; he spoke of love like a manwho did love and was anxious to be loved in return. There wascertainly enough in all this to turn a head only twenty-threeyears old, and Mme. Bonacieux had just attained that happy periodof life.

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    {  "To return instantly to England, and to inform him as soon as theduke leaves London."

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      "Yes, my wife pointed him out to me one day."