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1. 单词virtue 联想记忆:
2.   All agreed with me, and we spent the day in building rafts, each capable of carrying three persons. At nightfall we returned to the castle, and very soon in came the giant, and one more of our number was sacrificed. But the time of our vengeance was at hand! As soon as he had finished his horrible repast he lay down to sleep as before, and when we heard him begin to snore I, and nine of the boldest of my comrades, rose softly, and took each a spit, which we made red-hot in the fire, and then at a given signal we plunged it with one accord into the giant's eye, completely blinding him. Uttering a terrible cry, he sprang to his feet clutching in all directions to try to seize one of us, but we had all fled different ways as soon as the deed was done, and thrown ourselves flat upon the ground in corners where he was not likely to touch us with his feet.
3. 而要击溃谣言,还得用更专业更权威的信息,去击败那些似是而非的伪科学知识。
4.   "Did you doubt it, my dear Monsieur Bartolomeo?"
5. 单身者在本周最好多和暗恋的人互动,以达到知己知彼百战不殆的效果——不仅应该仔细观察是否有别的异性也对你的意中人有意,也应该借此揣摩心上人的真实想法
6.   Of this lone life have you not your fill? How for so long can it have charms foryou? 'Tis well enough to try it if you will; But then away again to somethingnew!


1.   "Ha! It is the answer!" He tore it open, glanced his eyes over it,and crumpled it into his pocket. "That's all right" said he."Have you found out anything?"
2. 阿里巴巴此次香港上市,多元化融资渠道将有助于他们更加平稳的发展,并且在流动性增加后,阿里将有更多的资金来发展AI、云计算等核心技术,这是阿里所看重的,这也将会对阿里的未来产生积极、深远影响的。
3. 单词release 联想记忆:
4.   The hard air was still sulphurous, but they were both used to it. Round the near horizon went the haze, opalescent with frost and smoke, and on the top lay the small blue sky; so that it was like being inside an enclosure, always inside. Life always a dream or a frenzy, inside an enclosure.
5.   I must here introduce a short digression. In the case of animals and plants with separated sexes, it is of course obvious that two individuals must always unite for each birth; but in the case of hermaphrodites this is far from obvious. Nevertheless I am strongly inclined to believe that with all hermaphrodites two individuals, either occasionally or habitually, concur for the reproduction of their kind. This view, I may add, was first suggested by Andrew Knight. We shall presently see its importance; but I must here treat the subject with extreme brevity, though I have the materials prepared for an ample discussion. All vertebrate animals, all insects, and some other large groups of animals, pair for each birth. Modern research has much diminished the number of supposed hermaphrodites, and of real hermaphrodites a large number pair; that is, two individuals regularly unite for reproduction, which is all that concerns us. But still there are many hermaphrodite animals which certainly do not habitually pair, and a vast majority of plants are hermaphrodites. What reason, it may be asked, is there for supposing in these cases that two individuals ever concur in reproduction? As it is impossible here to enter on details, I must trust to some general considerations alone.In the first place, I have collected so large a body of facts, showing, in accordance with the almost universal belief of breeders, that with animals and plants a cross between different varieties, or between individuals of the same variety but of another strain, gives vigour and fertility to the offspring; and on the other hand, that close interbreeding diminishes vigour and fertility; that these facts alone incline me to believe that it is a general law of nature (utterly ignorant though we be of the meaning of the law) that no organic being self-fertilises itself for an eternity of generations; but that a cross with another individual is occasionally perhaps at very long intervals -- indispensable.
6. 仁厚镇人民政府提供的情况说明显示,2006年,原北京甄氏房地产开发集团有限公司董事长甄飞当选为野牛村支部书记。


1. 其二是希望观众能够凭借一部手机实现故宫的参观。
2. A. O. Scott
3. 徐正出身自大公司,早年创业时虽然白手起家,但与很多创业公司不同的是,从一开始徐正就没有想过要做个诸侯。
4. 第三,中国消费市场的极其激烈的竞争。
5. 原来,小刚的外公去世,办丧事儿女亲属都免不了要忙活,24岁的小刚却只顾着低头玩手机,啥事也不干,也看不出有任何悲伤的情绪。
6. 卡特尔作为一种企业联合组织,必须找出有效的办法,了解是不是出现了作弊行为,以及若是有作弊行为的话,确定是谁作弊。在我们已经讲过的例子中,觉察有人作弊通常都不是什么难事。比如在伊朗和伊拉克石油生产的例子中,石油价格只有在两国合作,每天生产200万桶原油的时候才会达到25美元一桶;只要价格低于每桶25美元,肯定有人作弊。在现实生活当中,情况更加复杂。价格下降可能有两个原因,一是需求下降,二是生产者之一作弊。除非一个卡特尔有本事区分这两种影响,确定价格下降的真实原因,不然的话,它就会在根本没人作弊的时候误以为有人作弊,并且采取惩罚措施,或者是反过来,有人作弊却没觉察。①这些做法会降低准确性,使有关防范措施的效果大打折扣。一个妥协的解决方案是设置一个关键价格,或者称为“触发”(trigger)价格,一旦价格落到这个价格之下,卡特尔就可认定有人作弊,随即采取惩罚措施。


1. 知识方面的损失由于更有效地利用人力资源和自然资源所带来的显著经济效益而得到抵销。度量衡和货币的统一促进了经济发展。修筑的驰道网以首都为中心,向各方伸展到大部分边远地区。为了最大限度地利用这些驰道,皇帝统一了中国两轮车的车轴长度——这一措施是必不可少的,因为车轮在松散的沙土上留下了很深的车辙,使每一辆车子要么循着现有的车辙走,要么以新的车轴来适应之。皇帝还利用国家的统一和力量将疆界向南扩展到现在的越南。在西北面,击退了游牧部落,为了防止他们卷土重来,还修筑了世界闻名的长城。长城西起内蒙古,东至大海,延袤1400哩。为了完成这一巨大工程,耗去了大量生命,以致2000多年后的今天,人们仍要谈起这一事实:有100万人为修筑长城而死去,长城的每一块石头都值一条人命。正如文人学上诅咒皇帝“焚书“那样,老百姓都为筑长城的事咒骂皇帝。
2.   Faust
3. 生还工人陈超(化名)告诉澎湃新闻,当天下午事发时其和几名工友正在距离矿口几千米远的地方工作,突然发现混合着泥浆的水涌来,很快淹到了齐胸的位置。
4. WildType是一家通过实验室培育三文鱼的创业公司,其在今年10月获得了1250万美元的A轮融资,使其总募资量达到了1600万美元。
5. 对超市内进行的奶粉进行了扫码追溯测试。
6.   We articled clerks, as germs of the patrician order of proctors, were treated with so much consideration, that I was almost my own master at all times. As I did not care, however, to get to Highgate before one or two o'clock in the day, and as we had another little excommunication case in court that morning, which was called The office of the judge promoted by Tipkins against Bullock for his soul's correction, I passed an hour or two in attendance on it with Mr. Spenlow very agreeably. It arose out of a scuffle between two churchwardens, one of whom was alleged to have pushed the other against a pump; the handle of which pump projecting into a school-house, which school-house was under a gable of the church-roof, made the push an ecclesiastical offence. It was an amusing case; and sent me up to Highgate, on the box of the stage-coach, thinking about the Commons, and what Mr. Spenlow had said about touching the Commons and bringing down the country.


1.   `You said something to me,' said Doctor Manette, breaking into a smile. `What was it you said to me?'
2. 根据介绍,这是一款面向云端数据中心的人工智能训练加速卡、双槽位标卡,支持PCIe4.0,将于2020年第一季度上市,并大规模量产。
3. "Sometimes I can and sometimes I can't," she said stoutly. "But when I CAN I'm all right. And what I believe is that we always could--if we practiced enough. I've been practicing a good deal lately, and it's beginning to be easier than it used to be. When things are horrible--just horrible--I think as hard as ever I can of being a princess. I say to myself, `I am a princess, and I am a fairy one, and because I am a fairy nothing can hurt me or make me uncomfortable.' You don't know how it makes you forget"-- with a laugh.

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      The contagion of thought here demonstrated itself. While Hansonreally came for bread, the thought dwelt with him that now hewould see what Carrie was doing. No sooner did he draw near herwith that in mind than she felt it. Of course, she had nounderstanding of what put it into her head, but, nevertheless, itaroused in her the first shade of real antipathy to him. Sheknew now that she did not like him. He was suspicious.

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      I seated myself in his armchair and warmed my hands before hiscrackling fire, for a sharp frost had set in, and the windows werethick with the ice crystals. "I suppose," I remarked, "that,homely as it looks, this thing has some deadly story linked on toit--that it is the clue which will guide you in the solution ofsome mystery and the punishment of some crime."

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      Once upon a time there reigned over Persia a Sultan named Kosrouschah, who from his boyhood had been fond of putting on a disguise and seeking adventures in all parts of the city, accompanied by one of his officers, disguised like himself. And no sooner was his father buried and the ceremonies over that marked his accession to the throne, than the young man hastened to throw off his robes of state, and calling to his vizir to make ready likewise, stole out in the simple dress of a private citizen into the less known streets of the capital.