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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You insist?"
2.  "Certainly -- certainly," cried Franz. "Come in, mine host."
3.  "Twenty-three thousand francs," I said she.
4.  "Just so."
5.  "Your ruin? I accelerate your ruin? What do you mean? I donot understand you."
6.  "I do not mean to say you will lose, but, nevertheless, mindyou hold to the terms of the agreement."


1.  "I do not know."
2.  Mercedes raised her eyes to heaven with an expression itwould be impossible to describe, and tears, which hadhitherto been restrained, now yielded to her emotion, andran down her cheeks.
3.  "He!" cried the marquise: "Napoleon the type of equality!For mercy's sake, then, what would you call Robespierre?Come, come, do not strip the latter of his just rights tobestow them on the Corsican, who, to my mind, has usurpedquite enough."
4.  "Down-stairs in the decanter."
5.  "My carriage shall take you back."
6.  "Sinbad the Sailor."


1.  "No politics, Caderousse. And now that you have all youwant, and that we understand each other, jump down from thetilbury and disappear."
2.  "I hasten to comply with your excellencies' wishes; only, Itell you beforehand, the carriage will cost you six piastresa day."
3.  "Well, it will be given to some one who has done nothing todeserve it," said Beauchamp; "that is the way the Academymostly escapes from the dilemma."
4.  "Thank you, I understand. But my mother -- no, not mymother; I mistake -- my father intends giving a ball."
5.   The next morning dawned dull and cloudy. During the nightthe undertakers had executed their melancholy office, andwrapped the corpse in the winding-sheet, which, whatever maybe said about the equality of death, is at least a lastproof of the luxury so pleasing in life. This winding-sheetwas nothing more than a beautiful piece of cambric, whichthe young girl had bought a fortnight before. During theevening two men, engaged for the purpose, had carriedNoirtier from Valentine's room into his own, and contrary toall expectation there was no difficulty in withdrawing himfrom his child. The Abbe Busoni had watched till daylight,and then left without calling any one. D'Avrigny returnedabout eight o'clock in the morning; he met Villefort on hisway to Noirtier's room, and accompanied him to see how theold man had slept. They found him in the large arm-chair,which served him for a bed, enjoying a calm, nay, almost asmiling sleep. They both stood in amazement at the door.
6.  "Come, come," said Danglars to himself, "now the thing is atwork and it will effect its purpose unassisted."


1.  "In the kitchen."
2.  The recent event formed the theme of conversation throughoutall Paris. Emmanuel and his wife conversed with naturalastonishment in their little apartment in the Rue Meslayupon the three successive, sudden, and most unexpectedcatastrophes of Morcerf, Danglars, and Villefort.Maximilian, who was paying them a visit, listened to theirconversation, or rather was present at it, plunged in hisaccustomed state of apathy. "Indeed," said Julie, "might wenot almost fancy, Emmanuel, that those people, so rich, sohappy but yesterday, had forgotten in their prosperity thatan evil genius -- like the wicked fairies in Perrault'sstories who present themselves unbidden at a wedding orbaptism -- hovered over them, and appeared all at once torevenge himself for their fatal neglect?"
3.  "It was an impossibility; for the last week M. de Villeforthas secluded himself. It is natural enough; this strangechain of domestic afflictions, followed by the no lessstrange death of his daughter" --
4、  "Above all, she is very rich, -- at least, I believe so,"said Monte Cristo.
5、  "My dear," said Madame de Villefort, who had just enteredthe room, "perhaps you exaggerate the evil."




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      As Edmond paused, the black and bearded head of Caderousseappeared at the door. He was a man of twenty-five or six,and held a piece of cloth, which, being a tailor, he wasabout to make into a coat-lining.

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      When Franz appeared again on the shore, the yacht onlyseemed like a small white speck on the horizon. He lookedagain through his glass, but even then he could notdistinguish anything. Gaetano reminded him that he had comefor the purpose of shooting goats, which he had utterlyforgotten. He took his fowling-piece, and began to hunt overthe island with the air of a man who is fulfilling a duty,rather than enjoying a pleasure; and at the end of a quarterof an hour he had killed a goat and two kids. These animals,though wild and agile as chamois, were too much likedomestic goats, and Franz could not consider them as game.Moreover, other ideas, much more enthralling, occupied hismind. Since, the evening before, he had really been the heroof one of the tales of the "Thousand and One Nights," and hewas irresistibly attracted towards the grotto. Then, inspite of the failure of his first search, he began a second,after having told Gaetano to roast one of the two kids. Thesecond visit was a long one, and when he returned the kidwas roasted and the repast ready. Franz was sitting on thespot where he was on the previous evening when hismysterious host had invited him to supper; and he saw thelittle yacht, now like a sea-gull on the wave, continuingher flight towards Corsica. "Why," he remarked to Gaetano,"you told me that Signor Sinbad was going to Malaga, whileit seems he is in the direction of Porto-Vecchio."

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       "Wait," said Caderousse, "we shall see." He then took thegreat-coat with the large collar, which the groom had leftbehind in the tilbury, and put it on his back; then he tookoff Cavalcanti's hat, which he placed upon his own head, andfinally he assumed the careless attitude of a servant whosemaster drives himself.

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      Dantes stood mute and motionless before this majesticspectacle, as if he now beheld it for the first time; andindeed since his captivity in the Chateau d'If he hadforgotten that such scenes were ever to be witnessed. Heturned towards the fortress, and looked at both sea andland. The gloomy building rose from the bosom of the oceanwith imposing majesty and seemed to dominate the scene. Itwas about five o'clock. The sea continued to get calmer.

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    {  "It seems to me," returned the count, smiling, "that youplayed a sufficiently important part to know as well asmyself what happened."

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      "Come, let us endeavor to get to the end of our story,Beauchamp; I told you that yesterday Madame made inquiriesof me upon the subject; enlighten me, and I will thencommunicate my information to her."}

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      "'Tis well," resumed the king. "And now, gentlemen," hecontinued, turning towards M. de Blacas and the minister ofpolice, "I have no further occasion for you, and you mayretire; what now remains to do is in the department of theminister of war."

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      "Then we do not see those beings to whom you allude?"

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       "Indeed he does, and in a most lavish manner, I can assureyou."

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    {  "And if you should hear of anything very scandalous" --

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      Madame Danglars had until then, perhaps, hoped forsomething; but when she saw the careless bow of Debray, andthe glance by which it was accompanied, together with hissignificant silence, she raised her head, and withoutpassion or violence or even hesitation, ran down-stairs,disdaining to address a last farewell to one who could thuspart from her. "Bah," said Debray, when she had left, "theseare fine projects! She will remain at home, read novels, andspeculate at cards, since she can no longer do so on theBourse." Then taking up his account book, he cancelled withthe greatest care all the entries of the amounts he had justpaid away. "I have 1,060,000 francs remaining," he said."What a pity Mademoiselle de Villefort is dead! She suitedme in every respect, and I would have married her." And hecalmly waited until the twenty minutes had elapsed afterMadame Danglars' departure before he left the house. Duringthis time he occupied himself in making figures, with hiswatch by his side.