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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, monsieur," said Planchet, who had observed his master growread and pale successively, "did I not guess truly? Is it notsome bad affair?"
2.  Loose, half-drunk, imposing, the king's Musketeers, or rather M.de Treville's, spread themselves about in the cabarets, in thepublic walks, and the public sports, shouting, twisting theirmustaches, clanking their swords, and taking great pleasure inannoying the Guards of the cardinal whenever they could fall inwith them; then drawing in the open streets, as if it were thebest of all possible sports; sometimes killed, but sure in thatcase to be both wept and avenged; often killing others, but thencertain of not rotting in prison, M. de Treville being there toclaim them. Thus M. de Treville was praised to the highest noteby these men, who adored him, and who, ruffians as they were,trembled before him like scholars before their master, obedientto his least word, and ready to sacrifice themselves to wash outthe smallest insult.
3.  "Madame," said Bonacieux, who had never seen his wife in apassion, and who recoiled before this conjugal anger, "madame,what do you say?"
4.  "Planchet, my friend," interrupted D'Artagnan, "you are really aprecious fellow."
5.  "I have won five pistoles of Aramis."
6.  "You would love me, then, if you were not queen! Madame, saythat you would love me then! I can believe that it is thedignity of your rank alone which makes you cruel to me; I canbelieve that you had been Madame de Chevreuse, poor Buckinghammight have hoped. Thanks for those sweet words! Oh, mybeautiful sovereign, a hundred times, thanks!"


1.  "This ring would certainly only recall very bitterremembrances; then we shall never be masters of threehundred pistoles to redeem it, so that we really should losetwo hundred pistoles by the bargain. Go and tell him thering is his, D'Artagnan, and bring back the two hundredpistoles with you."
2.  "'And when did he set out?'
3.  "But this is a frightful abuse of power!"
4.  "Yes," said Aramis, "Athos is right: Animadvertuntur indesertis."
5.  "With difficulty, but he can speak."
6.  "Aramis?"


1.  D'Artagnan passed a very bad night. Three or four times hestarted up, imagining that a man was approaching his bed forthe purpose of stabbing him. Nevertheless, day dawnedwithout darkness having brought any accident.
2.  The carriage pursued its way, still going at a great pace,till it dashed into Paris, and disappeared.
3.  "Ah, ah! is that you, dear friend?" exclaimed Porthos. "How do youthink these garments fit me?"
4.  "Nothing, nothing, only shut the window. Go to bed, or at leastlie down in your clothes. As soon as I have done I will knock onone of the panes of glass. But will you be able to follow me?""Oh, yes!"
5.   Milady frowned slightly; a scarcely visible cloud passedover her brow, and so peculiar a smile appeared upon herlips that the young man, who saw and observed this tripleshade, almost shuddered at it.
6.  "The captain of the king's Musketeers."


1.  Nevertheless, time passed on, and the Rochellais did notsurrender. The last spy that was taken was the bearer of aletter. This letter told Buckingham that the city was at anextremity; but instead of adding, "If your succor does not arrivewithin fifteen days, we will surrender," it added, quite simply,"If your succor comes not within fifteen days, we shall all bedead with hunger when it comes."
2.  Fortunately, the reader may remember, or may not remember--fortunately we have promised not to lose sight of him.The officers who arrested him conducted him straight to theBastille, where he passed trembling before a party of soldierswho were loading their muskets. Thence, introduced into a half-subterranean gallery, he became, on the part of those who hadbrought him, the object of the grossest insults and the harshesttreatment. The officers perceived that they had not to deal witha gentleman, and they treated him like a very peasant.At the end of half an hour or thereabouts, a clerk came to put anend to his tortures, but not to his anxiety, by giving the orderto conduct M. Bonacieux to the Chamber of Examination.Ordinarily, prisoners were interrogated in their cells; but theydid not do so with M. Bonacieux.
3.  "The truly guilty," said Milady, "is the ravager of England, thepersecutor of true believers, the base ravisher of the honor ofso many women--he who, to satisfy a caprice of his corrupt heart,is about to make England shed so much blood, who protects theProtestants today and will betray them tomorrow--""Buckingham! It is, then, Buckingham!" cried Felton, in a highstate of excitement.
4、  "Deign to listen to me, monseigneur, and be merciful! Sit down,in mercy!"
5、  Courtiers, becoming every instant more numerous, succeededone another, day and night, in the little house of thebridge of La Pierre, in which the cardinal had establishedhis residence.




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      "Bah! Are you mad, to talk to me thus?" said Buckingham."My Lord, excuse me! I speak as I can; I restrain myself. But, myLord, think of what you're about to do, and beware of going too far!""What do you say? God pardon me!" cried Buckingham, "I really think hethreatens me!"

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      "At the noise I raised myself up on one hand.

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      That evening Milady was still more impatient than on thepreceding evening. She renewed the order relative to theGascon; but as before she expected him in vain.

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    {  "Bravo, Athos! Noble heart!" murmured D'Artagnan. "I know himwell there! And what did the officers do?"

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      "With the view of assassinating, or causing to beassassinated, the Duke of Buckingham."}

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      Delighted with this assurance the governor countersigned thepassport and delivered it to D'Artagnan. D'Artagnan lost no timein useless compliments. He thanked the governor, bowed, anddeparted. Once outside, he and Planchet set off as fast as theycould; and by making a long detour avoided the wood and reenteredthe city by another gate.

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      "Listen, Milady," said the cardinal, "the affair isimportant. Sit down, and let us talk it over."

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       "Then you would employ for me your arm which has alreadyacquired so much renown?"

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    {  "I mean a young man whom you patronize, Monsieur de Treville.""Yes, your Eminence, it is the same."

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      "On horseback."