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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'I shall certainly be there.'
2.  "Nothing that would help a thief. Family papers, letters from mypoor wife, diplomas of universities which have done me honour. Here isthe key. You can look for yourself."
3.  But the other waved him back.
4.  "Nor have I any desire to do you an injury Dr. Sterndale. Surely theclearest proof of it is that, knowing what I know, I have sent for youand not for the police."
5.  Sherlock Holmes took a folded paper from his pocket and flattened itout on the table. "This is a map of the Colony of Victoria," hesaid. "I wired to Bristol for it last night." He put his hand overpart of the map. "What do you read?"
6.  "Certainly," answered my friend, rising from his chair. "I'll letyou know, and Mr. Melas also. In the meantime, Mr. Melas, I shouldcertainly be on my guard if I were you, for of course they must knowthrough these advertisements that you have betrayed them."As we walked home together, Holmes stopped at a telegraph office andsent of several wires.


1.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
2.  "Left shoe wrinkled, right one smooth."
3.  "Do you receive much company?" he asked.
4.  "Come along!" cried Sherlock Holmes abruptly. "This growsserious," he observed as we drove to Scotland Yard. "These men havegot hold of Melas again. He is a man of no physical courage, as theyare well aware from their experience the other night. This villain wasable to terrorize him the instant that he got into his presence. Nodoubt they want his professional services, but, having used him,they may be inclined to punish him for what they will regard as histreachery."
5.  "We are hunting together, Mr. Holmes, and our trail lay in thisdirection." He turned his bulldog eyes upon our visitor. "Are YouMr. John Scott Eccles, of Popham House, Lee?"
6.  Apply Grosvenor Buildings, Aston


1.  It was on a bitterly cold night and frosty morning, towards theend of the winter of '97, that I was awakened by a tugging at myshoulder. It was Holmes. The candle in his hand shone upon hiseager, stooping face, and told me at a glance that something wasamiss.
2.  "Their cumulative effect is certainly considerable, and yet eachof them is quite possible in itself. The most unusual thing of all, asit seems to me, is that the lady should be tied to the chair.""Well, I am not so clear about that, Watson, for it is evidentthat they must either kill her or else secure her in such a way thatshe could not give immediate notice of their escape. But at any rate Ihave shown, have I not, that there is a certain element ofimprobability about the lady's story? And now, on the top of this,comes the incident of the wineglasses."
3.  "Well, well, we can't expect to have it all our own way, Watson," hesaid, at last. "We must come back in the afternoon, if Mr. Hardingwill not be here until then. I am, as you have no doubt surmised,endeavouring to trace these busts to their source, in order to find ifthere is not something peculiar which may account for their remarkablefate. Let us make for Mr. Morse Hudson, of the Kennington Road, andsee if he can throw any light upon the problem."
4.  "I've left Barker to look after the formalities," said Holmes."You had not met Barker, Watson. He is my hated rival upon theSurrey shore. When you said a tall dark man it was not difficult forme to complete the picture. He has several good cases to his credit,has he not, Inspector?"
5.   "My messenger reached you, then?" asked Holmes.
6.  "That he desired to conceal his handwriting."


1.  "He's following someone. Yesterday he was out as a workman lookingfor a job. To-day he was an old woman. Fairly took me in, he did,and I ought to know his ways by now." Billy pointed with a grin to avery baggy parasol which leaned against the sofa. "That's part ofthe old woman's outfit," he said.
2.  At last there came one dreadful day when the facts could no longerbe concealed from the husband. The nurse's nerve had given way; shecould stand the strain no longer, and she made a clean breast of itall to the man. To him it seemed as wild a tale as it may now seemto you. He knew his wife to be a loving wife, and, save for theassaults upon her stepson, a loving mother. Why, then, should shewound her own dear little baby? He told the nurse that she wasdreaming, that her suspicions were those of a lunatic, and that suchlibels upon her mistress were not to be tolerated. While they weretalking a sudden cry of pain was heard. Nurse and master rushedtogether to the nursery. Imagine his feelings, Mr. Holmes, as he sawhis wife rise from a kneeling position beside the cot and saw bloodupon the child's exposed neck and upon the sheet. With a cry ofhorror, he turned his wife's face to the light and saw blood all roundher lips. It was she- she beyond all question- who had drunk thepoor baby's blood.
4、  Holmes threw the reins into my lap and sprang down from the cart."You're the man we want to see. Where is Miss Violet Smith?" hesaid, in his quick, clear way.
5、  "Mr. Sutro is most capable."




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      "The ceremony, which was performed at St. George's, HanoverSquare, was a very quiet one, no one being present save the fatherof the bride, Mr. Aloysius Doran, the Duchess of Balmoral, LordBackwater, Lord Eustace, and Lady Clara St. Simon (the younger brotherand sister of the bridegroom), and Lady Alicia Whittington. Thewhole party proceeded afterwards to the house of Mr. Aloysius Doran,at Lancaster Gate, where breakfast had been prepared. It appearsthat some little trouble was caused by a woman, whose name has notbeen ascertained, who endeavoured to force her way into the houseafter the bridal party, alleging that she had some claim upon Lord St.Simon. It was only after a painful and prolonged scene that she wasejected by the butler and the footman. The bride, who hadfortunately entered the house before this unpleasant interruption, hadsat down to breakfast with the rest, when she complained of a suddenindisposition and retired to her room. Her prolonged absence havingcaused some comment, her father followed her, but learned from hermaid that she had only come up to her chamber for an instant, caughtup an ulster and bonnet, and hurried down to the passage. One of thefootmen declared that he had seen a lady leave the house thusapparelled, but had refused to credit that it was his mistress,believing her to be with the company. On ascertaining that hisdaughter had disappeared, Mr. Aloysius Doran, in conjunction withthe bridegroom, instantly put themselves in communication with thepolice, and very energetic inquiries are being made, which willprobably result in a speedy clearing up of this very singularbusiness. Up to a late hour last night, however, nothing hadtranspired as to the whereabouts of the missing lady. There arerumours of foul play in the matter, and it is said that the policehave caused the arrest of the woman who had caused the originaldisturbance, in the belief that, from jealousy or some other motive,she may have been concerned in the strange disappearance of thebride."

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      There is no use writing the details of that dreadful event. In theevent of your acceding to my request it is probable that I shallhave to narrate them to you. I have only just recovered from nineweeks of brain-fever and am still exceedingly weak. Do you thinkthat you could bring your friend Mr. Holmes down to see me? I shouldlike to have his opinion of the case, though the authorities assure methat nothing more can be done. Do try to bring him down, and as soonas possible. Every minute seems an hour while I live in this stateof horrible suspense. Assure him that if I have not asked his advicesooner it was not because I did not appreciate his talents, butbecause I have been off my head ever since the blow fell. Now I amclear again, though I dare not think of it too much for fear of arelapse. I am still so weak that I have to write, as you see, bydictating. Do try to bring him.

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       There were the sounds of running feet behind, but it was, to myrelief, not the formidable professor but his assistant who appearedround the curve of the drive. He came panting up to us."I am so sorry, Mr. Holmes. I wished to apologize."

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      "How did the body lie?"

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    {  "Are they not fresh and beautiful?" I cried with all theenthusiasm of a man fresh from the fogs of Baker Street.But Holmes shook his head gravely.

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      It is not reasonable to suppose that every one of these cases gaveHolmes the opportunity of showing those curious gifts of instinctand observation which I have endeavoured to set fourth in thesememoirs. Sometimes he had with much effort to pick the fruit,sometimes it fell easily into his lap. But the most terrible humantragedies were often involved in those cases which brought him thefewest personal opportunities, and it is one of these which I nowdesire to record. In telling it, I have made a slight change of nameand place, but otherwise the facts are as stated.}

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      "Pray sit down, madam. You will hurt yourself there if you fall. Iwill not speak until you sit down. Thank you."

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      "Pray sit down and tell me what is the matter."

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       "No. His orders were to stay in the house."

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    {  "Yes, sir. But he was off like a deer after the shot that killedpoor William Kirwan was fired. Mr. Cunningham saw him from the bedroomwindow, and Mr. Alec Cunningham saw him from the back passage. Itwas quarter to twelve when the alarm broke out. Mr. Cunningham hadjust got into bed, and Mr. Alec was smoking a pipe in hisdressing-gown. They both heard William, the coachman, calling forhelp, and Mr. Alec ran down to see what was the matter. The backdoor was open, and as he came to the foot of the stairs he saw two menwrestling together outside. One of them fired a shot, the otherdropped, and the murderer rushed across the garden and over the hedge.Mr. Cunningham, looking out of his bedroom, saw the fellow as hegained the road, but lost sight of him at once. Mr. Alec stopped tosee if he could help the dying man, and so the villain got clean away.Beyond the fact that he was a middle-sized man and dressed in somedark stuff, we have no personal clue, but we are making energeticinquiries, and if he is a stranger we shall soon find him out.""What was this William doing there? Did he say anything before hedied?"

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      "There you have it," said Sherlock Holmes, knocking out the ashes ofhis after breakfast pipe and slowly refilling it. "That is thegentleman I await. As to the story, you have hardly time to master allthese papers, so I must give it to you in a nutshell if you are totake an intelligent interest in the proceedings. This man is thegreatest financial power in the world, and a man, as I understand,of most violent and formidable character. He married a wife, thevictim of this tragedy, of whom I know nothing save that she waspast her prime, which was the more unfortunate as a very attractivegoverness superintended the education of two young children. These arethe three people concerned, and the scene is a grand old manorhouse, the centre of a historical English state. Then as to thetragedy. The wife was found in the grounds nearly half a mile from thehouse, late at night, clad in her dinner dress, with a shawl overher shoulders and a revolver bullet through her brain. No weapon wasfound near her and there was no local clue as to the murder. No weaponnear her, Watson- mark that! The crime seems to have been committedlate in the evening, and the body was found by a gamekeeper abouteleven o'clock, when it was examined by the police and by a doctorbefore being carried up to the house. Is this too condensed, or canyou follow it clearly?"