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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Except you, Athos, who never had one."
2.  "And I have none, either," said the queen. Those who have readthe MEMOIRS of Mme. de Motteville will not be astonished at thisreply. "But wait a minute."
3.  "Yes, if she is ignorant that these orders come from the king.""Well, that she may have no doubt on that head, I will go andinform her myself."
4.  "Let him be sent for instantly."
5.  The young woman looked at him furtively.
6.  late."


1.  At this moment the steps of Lord de Winter were heard; but thistime the terrible brother-in-law of Milady did not contenthimself, as on the preceding day, with passing before the doorand going away again. He paused, exchanged two words with thesentinel; then the door opened, and he appeared.
2.  "What?" cried Felton, "he--again he--always he? What--the trulyguilty?"
3.  "The cardinal's," replied Mme. Bonacieux. "You see it makes avery respectable appearance."
4.  "Whom do I see yonder?"
5.  "This confession," said she, growing paler, "what is thisconfession?"
6.  astonishment, the pretty Kitty defended herself resolutely.Time passes quickly when it is passed in attacks anddefenses. Midnight sounded, and almost at the same time thebell was rung in Milady's chamber.


1.  Four shots replied to them almost instantaneously, but muchbetter aimed than those of the aggressors; three soldiersfell dead, and one of the pioneers was wounded.
2.  "Oh, it's nothing," said D'Artagnan.
3.  "Come here, Monsieur Captain," said he, "come here, that I maygrowl at you. Do you know that his Eminence has been makingfresh complaints against your Musketeers, and that with so muchemotion, that this evening his Eminence is indisposed? Ah, theseMusketeers of yours are very devils--fellows to be hanged.""No, sire," replied Treville, who saw at the first glance howthings would go, "on the contrary, they are good creatures, asmeek as lambs, and have but one desire, I'll be their warranty.And that is that their swords may never leave their scabbards butin your majesty's service. But what are they to do? The Guardsof Monsieur the Cardinal are forever seeking quarrels with them,and for the honor of the corps even, the poor young men areobliged to defend themselves."
4.  "I will not suffer it! No, no, I would rather die!" cried thequeen, in whom the imperious blood of Spain and Austria began torise.
5.   "Athos, you make me shudder."
6.  "Well?"


1.  Laporte burst into tears.
2.  "Indeed!"
3.  "VENTREBLEU!" cried D'Artagnan, rising from the table, the storyof the present day making him forget that of the preceding one."Patience!" said Athos; "I had a plan. The Englishman was anoriginal; I had seen him conversing that morning with Grimaud,and Grimaud had told me that he had made him proposals to enterinto his service. I staked Grimaud, the silent Grimaud, dividedinto ten portions."
4、  The old man read so much truth and so much grief in the face ofthe young man that he made him a sign to listen, and repeated ina low voice: "It was scarcely nine o'clock when I heard a noisein the street, and was wondering what it could be, when on comingto my door, I found that somebody was endeavoring to open it. AsI am very poor and am not afraid of being robbed, I went andopened the gate and saw three men at a few paces from it. In theshadow was a carriage with two horses, and some saddlehorses.These horses evidently belonged to the three men, who wee dressedas cavaliers. 'Ah, my worthy gentlemen,' cried I, 'what do youwant?' 'You must have a ladder?' said he who appeared to be theleader of the party. 'Yes, monsieur, the one with which I gathermy fruit.' 'Lend it to us, and go into your house again; thereis a crown for the annoyance we have caused you. Only rememberthis--if you speak a word of what you may see or what you mayhear (for you will look and you will listen, I am quite sure,however we may threaten you), you are lost.' At these words hethrew me a crown, which I picked up, and he took the ladder.After shutting the gate behind them, I pretended to return to thehouse, but I immediately went out a back door, and stealing alongin the shade of the hedge, I gained yonder clump of elder, fromwhich I could hear and see everything. The three men brought thecarriage up quietly, and took out of it a little man, stout,short, elderly, and commonly dressed in clothes of a dark color,who ascended the ladder very carefully, looked suspiciously in atthe window of the pavilion, came down as quietly as he had goneup, and whispered, 'It is she!' Immediately, he who had spokento me approached the door of the pavilion, opened it with a keyhe had in his hand, closed the door and disappeared, while at thesame time the other two men ascended the ladder. The little oldman remained at the coach door; the coachman took care of hishorses, the lackey held the saddlehorses. All at once greatcried resounded in the pavilion, and a woman came to the window,and opened it, as if to throw herself out of it; but as soon asshe perceived the other two men, she fell back and they went intothe chamber. Then I saw no more; but I heard the noise ofbreaking furniture. The woman screamed, and cried for help; buther cries were soon stifled. Two of the men appeared, bearingthe woman in their arms, and carried her to the carriage, intowhich the little old man got after her. The leader closed thewindow, came out an instant after by the door, and satisfiedhimself that the woman was in the carriage. His two companionswere already on horseback. He sprang into his saddle; the lackeytook his place by the coachman; the carriage went off at a quickpace, escorted by the three horsemen, and all was over. Fromthat moment I have neither seen nor heard anything."D'Artagnan, entirely overcome by this terrible story, remainedmotionless and mute, while all the demons of anger and jealousywere howling in his heart.
5、  "Then she looks upon you as a stranger?"




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      Athos had invented the phrase, family affair. A familyaffair was not subject to the investigation of the cardinal;a family affair concerned nobody. People might employthemselves in a family affair before all the world.Therefore Athos had invented the phrase, family affair.Aramis had discovered the idea, the lackeys.

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      The four friends listened, and the sound of the drum plainlyreached them.

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       "Oh, death, death!" said she, lowering her voice and her eyelids,"oh, death, rather than shame! Felton, my brother, my friend, Iconjure you!"

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      "In truth, my young friend, you will act rightly," said thegentleman, pressing the Gascon's hand with an affectionalmost paternal; "and God grant that this woman, who hasscarcely entered into your life, may not leave a terribletrace in it!" And Athos bowed to D'Artagnan like a man whowishes it understood that he would not be sorry to be leftalone with his thoughts.

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    {  Bazin became a lay brother.

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      "Women are very indiscreet, my sister. Cannot I serve you as awaiting maid? By that means all our secrets will remain in thefamily."}

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      "He who just now presented himself to the abbess as a messenger from thecardinal."

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      Dec. 3, 1627

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       While dragging on a life of care,

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    {  "Since you have lost sight of that woman and she is now insafety in the convent, which you should never have allowedher to reach, try, at least, not to miss the man. If youdo, you know that my hand stretches far, and that you shallpay very dearly for the hundred louis you have from me."

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      "The bodies were not plundered, were they? It appears theconquerors had something else to do."