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1. AfteranAmericaneducation,IgotmarriedtoanamazingmanandIbecameamother。
2. 移动平均线相互验证/相互背离交易法(MACDTM)
3. 说是举报,实为诬告。
4.   `The game-keeper, Mellors, is a curious kind of person,' she said to Clifford; `he might almost be a gentleman.'
5. 白先生介绍了自己一家的出游情况后,并询问有没有适合的路程,对方就推荐了这个大象营的活动。
6.   'You are sure, then, Helen, that there is such a place as heaven,and that our souls can get to it when we die?'


1.   It was, properly, a half-holiday; being Saturday. But as the noise in the playground would have disturbed Mr. Creakle, and the weather was not favourable for going out walking, we were ordered into school in the afternoon, and set some lighter tasks than usual, which were made for the occasion. It was the day of the week on which Mr. Sharp went out to get his wig curled; so Mr. Mell, who always did the drudgery, whatever it was, kept school by himself. If I could associate the idea of a bull or a bear with anyone so mild as Mr. Mell, I should think of him, in connexion with that afternoon when the uproar was at its height, as of one of those animals, baited by a thousand dogs. I recall him bending his aching head, supported on his bony hand, over the book on his desk, and wretchedly endeavouring to get on with his tiresome work, amidst an uproar that might have made the Speaker of the House of Commons giddy. Boys started in and out of their places, playing at puss in the corner with other boys; there were laughing boys, singing boys, talking boys, dancing boys, howling boys; boys shuffled with their feet, boys whirled about him, grinning, making faces, mimicking him behind his back and before his eyes; mimicking his poverty, his boots, his coat, his mother, everything belonging to him that they should have had consideration for.
2.   (Plucking off the last leaf with fond joy.)
3. (三)减少到人员密集的公共场所活动,尤其是空气流动性差的地方,例如公共浴池、温泉、影院、网吧、KTV、商场、车站、机场、码头、展览馆等。
4. 数据显示,今年仅天猫双11一天就产生12.92亿个物流订单,同比去年又增加2.5亿个。
5.   Meanwhile the daughter of Icarius, wise Penelope, had had had a richseat placed for her facing the court and cloisters, so that shecould hear what every one was saying. The dinner indeed had beenprepared amid merriment; it had been both good and abundant, forthey had sacrificed many victims; but the supper was yet to come,and nothing can be conceived more gruesome than the meal which agoddess and a brave man were soon to lay before them- for they hadbrought their doom upon themselves.
6. 浙商大会上,宗馥莉被问到怎么去看待父女、老板与下属之间的关系,她直言,觉得这件事情特别难搞。


1.   Carrie was very indifferent to the suggestion. These were thingswhich she did not like at all.
2. 对涉嫌木马病毒、淫秽色情、信息诈骗的弹窗广告,应及时向有关部门举报。
3. 本文由蝉大师https://www.chandashi.com/原创,如需转载,请注明出处,否则禁止转载!~~document.writeln('关注创业、电商、站长,扫描A5创业网微信二维码,定期抽大奖。
4.   'Well, then, with Miss Temple you are good?'
5. 该平台解决一些知网用户在脱离机构后,怎样在家使用资源、做研究的问题。
6. 与往年相比,今年汤圆销售周期更短。


1.   `But the wood is older than your family,' said Connie gently.
2. 王萍判断的对,汇顶科技真的是个大牛股,2019年股价翻倍,大基金受让6.65%股份后持股不动,账面浮盈1.8倍。
3.   "I am sure," said the king, "that this man is the most faithful and virtuous of men. If he wished to take my life, why did he cure me? Cease to speak against him. I see what it is, you are jealous of him; but do not think that I can be turned against him. I remember well what a vizir said to King Sindbad, his master, to prevent him from putting the prince, his son, to death."
4. 后来他传话过来说,告诉老胡,千万别因为我着急。
5.   "Good," cried Athos, "good! Yes, my dear Aramis, we allknow that your views have a religious tendency."
6. I rather liked it myself, after I got used to it. Why we should so admire "a woman's crown of hair" and not admire a Chinaman's queue is hard to explain, except that we are so convinced that the long hair "belongs" to a woman. Whereas the "mane" in horses is on both, and in lions, buffalos, and such creatures only on the male. But I did miss it--at first.


1.   "Well, I don't know," said Carrie, when he had concluded, herinterest and desire to shine dramatically struggling with hertimidity for the mastery. "I might go if you thought I'd do allright."
2. 这也打破了之前传播场和卖场分离下,消费者需要靠心智记忆来指导购买选择的模式。
3. 02高客单价的迷思普遍的看法是,追求低价商品,适合快手直播。

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      7. Judges xi. 37, 38. "And she said unto her father, Let . . . me alone two months, that I may go up and down upon the mountains, and bewail my virginity, I and my fellows. And he said, go."

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    "Chemicals of some sort--I can't tell on the spot. Look to me like dyestuffs. Let's get nearer," he urged, "up there by the fall."

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    If audiences didn’t yet know the film was set in the early 1980s, one look at Anna’s straight bangs confirms it. The rest of her shoulder-length hair forms a slight curved frame around her face. It’s a simple look, but a powerful one for this woman, whose husband, Abel (Oscar Isaac), runs a heating oil business, but whose past is a little more complicated.

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      I must here introduce a short digression. In the case of animals and plants with separated sexes, it is of course obvious that two individuals must always unite for each birth; but in the case of hermaphrodites this is far from obvious. Nevertheless I am strongly inclined to believe that with all hermaphrodites two individuals, either occasionally or habitually, concur for the reproduction of their kind. This view, I may add, was first suggested by Andrew Knight. We shall presently see its importance; but I must here treat the subject with extreme brevity, though I have the materials prepared for an ample discussion. All vertebrate animals, all insects, and some other large groups of animals, pair for each birth. Modern research has much diminished the number of supposed hermaphrodites, and of real hermaphrodites a large number pair; that is, two individuals regularly unite for reproduction, which is all that concerns us. But still there are many hermaphrodite animals which certainly do not habitually pair, and a vast majority of plants are hermaphrodites. What reason, it may be asked, is there for supposing in these cases that two individuals ever concur in reproduction? As it is impossible here to enter on details, I must trust to some general considerations alone.In the first place, I have collected so large a body of facts, showing, in accordance with the almost universal belief of breeders, that with animals and plants a cross between different varieties, or between individuals of the same variety but of another strain, gives vigour and fertility to the offspring; and on the other hand, that close interbreeding diminishes vigour and fertility; that these facts alone incline me to believe that it is a general law of nature (utterly ignorant though we be of the meaning of the law) that no organic being self-fertilises itself for an eternity of generations; but that a cross with another individual is occasionally perhaps at very long intervals -- indispensable.

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      The sailors ran the ship into a creek, where ten slaves landed, carrying spades and pickaxes. In the middle of the island they stopped, and after digging some time, lifted up what seemed to be a trapdoor. They then returned to the vessel two or three times for furniture and provisions, and finally were accompanied by an old man, leading a handsome boy of fourteen or fifteen years of age. They all disappeared down the trapdoor, and after remaining below for a few minutes came up again, but without the boy, and let down the trapdoor, covering it with earth as before. This done, they entered the ship and set sail.