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1.   Faust
2.   "And be upon your guard before my husband, who is rather shrewd,notwithstanding his seventy-six years."
3. 第二,数据对比的基数也有较大影响,去年一季度正是长沙楼市一路暴涨的时候,今年同比下滑也正常。
4.   The Sultan was transported with delight on learning the result of the interview, and his opinion of the doctor's skill was raised still higher when, on the following day, the princess behaved towards him in such a way as to persuade him that her complete cure would not be long delayed. However he contented himself with assuring her how happy he was to see her health so much improved, and exhorted her to make every use of so clever a physician, and to repose entire confidence in him. Then he retired, without awaiting any reply from the princess.
5.   Adalietta, sweetly hugging him in her armes, and melting her selfein kisses, sighes, and teares on his face, said. Well Sir, I will doso much as I am able, in this your most kinde and loving imposition:and when I shall bee compelled to the contrary: yet rest thusconstantly assured, that I will not breake this your charge, so muchas in thought. Praying ever heartily to the heavenly powers, that theywill direct your course home againe to me, before your prefixeddate, or else I shall live in continual languishing. In the knittingup of this woful parting, embracing and kissing either infinittimes, the Lady tooke a Ring from off her finger, and giving it to herhusband, said. If I chaunce to die before I see you againe, rememberme when you looke on this. He receiving the Ring, and bidding allthe rest of his Friends farewell, mounted on horsebacke, and rode awaywel attended.
6. 当然,中国市场足够大,中国的咖啡人群同样可以通过便宜、好喝的咖啡来培养。


1. 而此时,她被召集开会通知,她所在的光谷院区成为武汉市第二批发热定点医院,要在3天内完成改造和患者转运。
2. Lei Jun, founder and chairman of Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi Corp, agreed, describing the win as a breakthrough in artificial intelligence.
3. 有意思的是,民间还有冬腊风腌,蓄以御冬的习俗。
4. 而在滴滴顺风车下线期间,不少玩家也纷纷进入了这个领域。
5. 本着为广大投资者负责的态度,公司申请临时停牌,以最大限度保护投资者的利益。
6. 当然,可折叠手机本身还是概念,无论是柔宇还是其他厂商,在实际销售中其实销量并不好,要真正走向实用,还有很长的路要走。


1. 天元术出现后,很自然地发展为天地二元木,天地人三元术和天地人物四元术。这大概已是元代的事了。
2.   "Oh, what an ass I have been!" I exclaimed.
3. 资金断链、债务缠身让这家曾轰动一时的众筹餐厅戛然倒下。
4. 二、钱难赚其一,风口拉盘模式失灵。
5. 目前,李某已被控制,案件正在进一步侦办之中。
6. 快递停运了,我们安保人员帮着运行李,差不多40多个小时没合眼。


1.   "Do you know Athos?"
2. [民主德国]德意志民主共和国(德语:DieDeutscheDemokratischeRepublik),简称“民主德国”(德文缩写:DDR),俗称“东德”,是1949年10月7日到1990年10月3日期间存在于欧洲中部的社会主义国家。首都为柏林(东柏林),实行社会主义制度和计划经济体制,是华沙条约组织和经济互助委员会的成员国。民主德国的国土面积为107,771(一说:108,333或108,178)平方公里,东部是波兰人民共和国,东南部与捷克斯洛伐克社会主义共和国接壤,西部与德意志联邦共和国(西德)相邻,北部为波罗的海。民主德国是第二次世界大战结束后,在···更多
3.   LONG before having arrived at this part of my work, a crowd of difficulties will have occurred to the reader. Some of them are so grave that to this day I can never reflect on them without being staggered; but, to the best of my judgment, the greater number are only apparent, and those that are real are not, I think, fatal to my theory.
4. 华为P40将支持10倍的光学变焦,华为P40的相机大底将会更大,而且前后一共会配备8枚镜头,对,你没看错,就是8枚,采用1G+5P的混合潜望式镜头。
5. [旁遮普邦]印度旁遮普邦位于西北部一邦。西与巴基斯坦毗邻。旁遮普意为五河之地,指印度河的5条支流杰赫勒姆河、杰纳布河、拉维河、比亚斯河、萨特莱杰河汇流处。面积5·04万平方千米。人口约1679万,多为锡克人。首府昌迪加尔。···更多
6. 然而近段时间,老人们意识到事情不对……事件不少老人在映雪堂缴纳了高额会费今年67岁的陈阿姨,为了解决养老问题,前后支付5万元成为映雪堂的会员。


1. 本章将—一叙述这三个阶段,以及它们在整个世界历史中的意义。
2.   Chapters 9
3.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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