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新加坡博彩公司【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "And has your business been attended to in your absence?""Nothing to complain of, sir. There's never very much to doof a morning."   -THE END-

    "Now, Mr. Holmes, you know the people who live under my roof, andI shall continue with my miserable story.

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   "No, you may not," said he with decision.

   "A sheath-knife, still in its sheath. It lay at the feet of the deadman. Mrs. Carey has identified it as being her husband's property."Holmes was lost in thought for some time.


    "He investigated the case with great care, for Dr. Roylott's conducthad long been notorious in the county, but he was unable to find anysatisfactory cause of death. My evidence showed that the door had beenfastened upon the inner side, and the windows were blocked byold-fashioned shutters with broad iron bars, which were securedevery night. The walls were carefully sounded, and were shown to bequite solid all round, and the flooring was also thoroughlyexamined, with the same result. The chimney is wide, but is barredup by four large staples. It is certain, therefore, that my sister wasquite alone when she met her end. Besides, there were no marks ofany violence upon her."

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   "Yes, I have considered that. If the second word had borne anyresemblance to Murdoch- but it did not. He gave it almost in a shriek.I am sure that it was 'Mane.'"

    "There you are," said Holmes, smiling. "It was a dangerous, recklessattempt in which I seem to trace the influence of young Alec. Havingfound nothing, they tried to divert suspicion by making it appear tobe an ordinary burglary, to which end they carried off whatever theycould lay their hands upon. That is all clear enough, but there wasmuch that was still obscure. What I wanted, above all, was to getthe missing part of that note. I was certain that Alec had torn it outof the dead man's hand, and almost certain that he must have thrust itinto the pocket of his dressing-gown. Where else could he have put it?The only question was whether it was still there. It was worth aneffort to find out, and for that object we all went up to the house."The Cunninghams joined us, as you doubtless remember, outside thekitchen door. It was, of course, of the very first importance thatthey should not be reminded of the existence of this paper,otherwise they would naturally destroy it without delay. The inspectorwas about to tell them the importance which we attached to it when, bythe luckiest chance in the world, I tumbled down in a sort of fitand so changed the conversation."

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   "The body was found at six on the Tuesday morning. It was lying wideof the metals upon the left hand of the track as one goes eastward, ata point close to the station, where the line emerges from the tunnelin which it runs. The head was badly crushed- an injury which mightwell have been caused by a fall from the train. The body could onlyhave come on the line in that way. Had it been carried down from anyneighbouring street, it must have passed the station barriers, where acollector is always standing. This point seems absolutely certain.""Very good. The case is definite enough. The man, dead or alive,either fell or was precipitated from a train. So much is clear tome. Continue."

    I had just finished my tea when he returned, evidently inexcellent spirits, swinging an old elastic-sided boot in his hand.He chucked it down into a corner and helped himself to a cup of tea."I only looked in as I passed," said he. "I am going right on.""Where to?"

<  "And what do you think of it all, Watson?" asked Sherlock Holmes,leaning back in his chair.   And this was the singular case of the Grecian Interpreter, theexplanation of which is still involved in some mystery. We were ableto find out, by communicating with the gentleman who had answeredthe advertisement, that the unfortunate young lady came of a wealthyGrecian family, and that she had been on a visit to some friends inEngland. While there she had met a young man named Harold Latimer, whohad acquired an ascendency over her and had eventually persuaded herto fly with him. Her friends, shocked at the event, had contentedthemselves with informing her brother at Athens, and had then washedtheir hands of the matter. The brother, on his arrival in England, hadimprudently placed himself in the power of Latimer and of hisassociate, whose name was Wilson Kemp-a man of the foulestantecedents. These two, finding that through his ignorance of thelanguage he was helpless in their hands, had kept him a prisoner,and had endeavoured by cruelty and starvation to make him sign awayhis own and his sister's property. They had kept him in the housewithout the girl's knowledge, and the plaster over the face had beenfor the purpose of making recognition difficult in case she shouldever catch a glimpse of him. Her feminine perceptions, however, hadinstantly seen through the disguise when, on the occasion of theinterpreter's visit, she had seen him for the first time. The poorgirl, however, was herself a prisoner, for there was no one aboutthe house except the man who acted as coachman, and his wife, bothof whom were tools of the conspirators. Finding that their secretwas out, and that their prisoner was not to be coerced, the twovillains with the girl had fled away at a few hours' notice from thefurnished house which they had hired, having first, as they thought,taken vengeance both upon the man who had defied and the one who hadbetrayed them.

    "Quite so; at the gold-mines, where, as I understand, Mr. Turnermade his money."


<  "And what do you think of it all, Watson?" asked Sherlock Holmes,leaning back in his chair.   The wind howled and screamed at the windows. Holmes and I drewcloser to the fire, while the young inspector slowly and point bypoint developed his singular narrative.

    "Why had he no ticket?"





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