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1. 而根据爱彼迎于1月26日发给房东的提示消息称,当日起至1月30日期间入住的订单,订单款项预计将于春节假期后第一个工作日(即2020年1月31日)陆续处理和支付。
2. 那么拍成三分钟的短视频不香吗?为什么要扯成90分钟长来恶心观众呢?第5名:《新喜剧之王》2019年贺岁档,星爷临门进来夹一脚。
3.   The principle, which I have designated by this term, is of high importance on my theory, and explains, as I believe, several important facts. In the first place, varieties, even strongly-marked ones, though having somewhat of the character of species as is shown by the hopeless doubts in many cases how to rank them yet certainly differ from each other far less than do good and distinct species. Nevertheless, according to my view, varieties are species in the process of formation, or are, as I have called them, incipient species. How, then, does the lesser difference between varieties become augmented into the greater difference between species? That this does habitually happen, we must infer from most of the innumerable species throughout nature presenting well-marked differences; whereas varieties, the supposed prototypes and parents of future well-marked species, present slight and ill-defined differences. Mere chance, as we may call it, might cause one variety to differ in some character from its parents, and the offspring of this variety again to differ from its parent in the very same character and in a greater degree; but this alone would never account for so habitual and large an amount of difference as that between varieties of the same species and species of the same genus.As has always been my practice, let us seek light on this head from our domestic productions. We shall here find something analogous. A fancier is struck by a pigeon having a slightly shorter beak; another fancier is struck by a pigeon having a rather longer beak; and on the acknowledged principle that 'fanciers do not and will not admire a medium standard, but like extremes,' they both go on (as has actually occurred with tumbler-pigeons) choosing and breeding from birds with longer and longer beaks, or with shorter and shorter beaks. Again, we may suppose that at an early period one man preferred swifter horses; another stronger and more bulky horses. The early differences would be very slight; in the course of time, from the continued selection of swifter horses by some breeders, and of stronger ones by others, the differences would become greater, and would be noted as forming two sub-breeds; finally, after the lapse of centuries, the sub-breeds would become converted into two well-established and distinct breeds. As the differences slowly become greater, the inferior animals with intermediate characters, being neither very swift nor very strong, will have been neglected, and will have tended to disappear. Here, then, we see in man's productions the action of what may be called the principle of divergence, causing differences, at first barely appreciable, steadily to increase, and the breeds to diverge in character both from each other and from their common parent.But how, it may be asked, can any analogous principle apply in nature? I believe it can and does apply most efficiently, from the simple circumstance that the more diversified the descendants from any one species become in structure, constitution, and habits, by so much will they be better enabled to seize on many and widely diversified places in the polity of nature, and so be enabled to increase in numbers.
4.   49. Reeve: A land-steward; still called "grieve" -- Anglo-Saxon, "gerefa" in some parts of Scotland.
5.   When everything was ready, the intendant threw himself at the Sultan's feet, and after referring to his age and his long services, begged his Highness's permission to resign his post. This was granted by the Sultan in a few gracious words, and he then inquired what reward he could give to his faithful servant. But the intendant declared that he wished for nothing except the continuance of his Highness's favour, and prostrating himself once more, he retired from the Sultan's presence.
6. 写的这个字怎么这么难看,撕了,再写,还不顺。


1.   "The next time you get a pair of shoes, dearie," said Mrs. Vance,"get button, with thick soles and patent-leather tips. They'reall the rage this fall."
2.   "I cannot help doubting," answered Danglars with his stupidsmile.
3. 不过,这一涨幅显著低于此前一个月8.2%的环比涨幅。
4. 首先,桑德尔肯定没跟非洲儿童一道排队看病。桑德尔是哈佛教授,平日住在美国,而美国并非向全世界开放,非洲儿童没法随意入境,所以桑德尔必定享受了比非洲儿童在时间上优先、在质量上优越的医疗服务。这是不容否认的事实。究其根源,就是美国人比非洲人更有钱。那么,美国人仅仅因为出得起钱,就比世界上其他地区的人民优先获得优质的医疗服务,而非洲人民仅仅因为没钱就无法治病,从桑德尔教授提倡的公平观看,这是否道德?恐怕除了生活在废除了货币的极左社会里的人外,这个世界谁都是不道德的。
5. 对于蒙牛来说这是一次豪赌,给它带来的收益是蒙牛酸酸乳的销售量从2004年的7亿元人民币飙升至30亿元。
6. The QUBE will remind you to recycle, monitor when the trash was last taken out, and tell you to change the air freshener. These are all things people usually remember to do anyway, by the smell and all, but now there's a $300 "elegant" stainless steel can that'll constantly remind you with annoying mobile alerts.


1.   'Will you walk this way, ma'am?' said the girl; and I followedher across a square hall with high doors all round: she ushered meinto a room whose double illumination of fire and candle at firstdazzled me, contrasting as it did with the darkness to which my eyeshad been for two hours inured; when I could see, however, a cosy andagreeable picture presented itself to my view.
2. 在武汉市肺科医院,记者见到了62岁的王佑新老人,他正准备出院。
3. 当时我最后悔做PR,说单位日订单突破10万单。
4. ·坐等观望对MBO,坐等观望胜,3比2。
5. 从网友晒出的保修单来看,这副AirPodsPro故障表现为:右耳间歇性出现红色叹号且有杂音。
6. 从2010年开始,宇信科技连续多年在中国银行业IT解决方案市场排名领先,尤其是在网络银行、信贷管理、商业智能、风险管理等多个细分领域。


1.   And with this word this Justin' and his brother Have ta'en their leave, and each of them of other. And when they saw that it must needes be, They wroughte so, by sleight and wise treaty, That she, this maiden, which that *Maius hight,* *was named May* As hastily as ever that she might, Shall wedded be unto this January. I trow it were too longe you to tarry, If I told you of every *script and band* *written bond* By which she was feoffed in his hand; Or for to reckon of her rich array But finally y-comen is the day That to the churche bothe be they went, For to receive the holy sacrament, Forth came the priest, with stole about his neck, And bade her be like Sarah and Rebecc' In wisdom and in truth of marriage; And said his orisons, as is usage, And crouched* them, and prayed God should them bless, *crossed And made all sicker* enough with holiness. *certain
2. Ford's F-series pickup, the reigning champion for the last quarter-century, held off a strong challenge from Chevrolet's redesigned Silverado to remain the nation's No. 1 selling vehicle. The race to become the best-selling car, an all-Japanese final, belonged again to the Toyota (TM) Camry, which beat out the Honda (HMC) Accord.
3.   "Dear me! Dear me!" he said at last. "Well, now, who would havethought it? And how deceptive appearances may be, to be sure! Such anice young man to look at! It is a lesson to us not to trust our ownjudgment, is it not, Lestrade?"
4. 女性这个物种本质上偏保守,注重稳健发展,所以在创业过程中,最好有能和她互补的团队成员相互协作。
5.   An accidental circumstance cemented the intimacy between Steerforth and me, in a manner that inspired me with great pride and satisfaction, though it sometimes led to inconvenience. It happened on one occasion, when he was doing me the honour of talking to me in the playground, that I hazarded the observation that something or somebody - I forget what now - was like something or somebody in Peregrine Pickle. He said nothing at the time; but when I was going to bed at night, asked me if I had got that book?
6. 但是,简单粗暴的封路措施,甚至采用堆石块、堆土、砌墙、挖断道路等完全阻断交通的方式,影响了救护、救火车辆、防疫车辆和运送民生物资车辆的通行,实质是对道路等公共交通设施的破坏行为。


1. Researchers at Google discovered that security questions as a standalone method for recovering access to accounts is not an efficient model.
2. 在如此激励竞争的环境之下,有三个方向还是能够发挥更多价值:一是早期VC。
3. 2012年,被告人王永生违反规定,购买房产用于建设互联网数据中心机房和客服中心,造成国有资产损失共计人民币1900万余元。

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