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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It's too bad you couldn't have been there, really. I was sorryto hear you weren't feeling well."
2.  "I'll not argue with you," she replied with determination. "Iwant the ticket and that's all there is to it."
3.  "Who is he, my dear?" inquired Mrs. Hurstwood.
4.  He looked, and there was the notice. Mr. August Viele hadyesterday registered the transfer of the lot, 25 x 75 feet, atthe corner of Warren and Hudson Streets, to J. F. Slawson for thesum of ,000.
5.  "Won't you come out, pardner, and be a man? Remember we'refighting for decent day's wages, that's all. We've got familiesto support." The man seemed most peaceably inclined.
6.  "I can't do this way," he said to himself. "There's no use of mystarting out mornings without first thinking up some place to go.I'll think of some places and then look them up."


1.  The time came, in the third year, when this thinking began toproduce results in the Warren Street place. The tide ofpatronage dropped a little below what it had been at its bestsince he had been there. This irritated and worried him.
2.  This little pilgrimage threw quite a wet blanket upon his risingspirits. He was soon down again to his old worry, and reachedthe resort anxious to find relief. Quite a company of gentlemenwere making the place lively with their conversation. A group ofCook County politicians were conferring about a round cherry-woodtable in the rear portion of the room. Several young merrymakerswere chattering at the bar before making a belated visit to thetheatre. A shabbily-genteel individual, with a red nose and anold high hat, was sipping a quiet glass of ale alone at one endof the bar. Hurstwood nodded to the politicians and went intohis office.
3.  She was completely restored and delighted by his consideration,but she made him promise not to come around.
4.  Carrie was very indifferent to the suggestion. These were thingswhich she did not like at all.
5.  "So I did," said Carrie simply. "I went for a walk."
6.  "Let us go home," she said.


1.  There was no water on this floor. He put on his shoes in thecold and stood up, shaking himself in his stiffness. His clothesfelt disagreeable, his hair bad.
2.  Hurstwood resolved a thousands things, Drouet as well. Theyjoined equally in the burst of applause which called Carrie out.Drouet pounded his hands until they ached. Then he jumped upagain and started out. As he went, Carrie came out, and, seeingan immense basket of flowers being hurried down the aisle towardher she waited. They were Hurstwood's. She looked toward themanager's box for a moment, caught his eye, and smiled. He couldhave leaped out of the box to enfold her. He forgot the need ofcircumspectness which his married state enforced. He almostforgot that he had with him in the box those who knew him. Bythe Lord, he would have that lovely girl if it took his all. Hewould act at once. This should be the end of Drouet, and don'tyou forget it. He would not wait another day. The drummershould not have her.
3.  For several hours he argued pro and con with this mentalcounsellor, feeling no need to act at once in a matter so sure ofprofit.
4.  In his sober senses, he could scarcely realise that the thing hadbeen done. He could not begin to feel that he was a fugitivefrom justice. He had often read of such things, and had thoughtthey must be terrible, but now that the thing was upon him, heonly sat and looked into the past. The future was a thing whichconcerned the Canadian line. He wanted to reach that. As forthe rest he surveyed his actions for the evening, and countedthem parts of a great mistake.
5.   Yet there was nothing sarcastic or supercilious in the way Amesspoke. He had very little of that in him. Carrie felt that itwas just kindly thought of a high order--the right thing tothink, and wondered what else was right, according to him. Heseemed to notice that she listened and rather sympathised withhim, and from now on he talked mostly to her.
6.  After a few moments of silence, she stood up, dry-eyed, andlooked out the window. Hurstwood was just strolling up thestreet, from the flat, toward Sixth Avenue.


1.  Drouet turned to Carrie. "I haven't had a thing since breakfast.Just got in from Rock Island. I was going off to dine when I sawyou."
2.  "No, you didn't," she contradicted, suddenly recovering hervoice. "You didn't do anything of the kind."
3.  Still no answer.
4、  He drew up his chair near the radiator and lighted the gas. Thenit was as the evening before. His difficulties vanished in theitems he so well loved to read.
5、  "Yes, who told you?"




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      "Ain't they ever goin' to open up?" queried a hoarse voice,suggestively.

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      In a moment Carrie was alone again, and was saying, withanimation:

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       "That's strange," thought Drouet. "She didn't say a word to me.I wonder where she went?"

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      "How about accidents?" said a voice. "You might get hurt."

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    {  Carrie smiled.

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      The suggestion of marriage struck Hurstwood forcibly. He sawclearly that this was her idea--he felt that it was not to begotten over easily. Bigamy lightened the horizon of his shadowythoughts for a moment. He wondered for the life of him how itwould all come out. He could not see that he was making anyprogress save in her regard. When he looked at her now, hethought her beautiful. What a thing it was to have her love him,even if it be entangling! She increased in value in his eyesbecause of her objection. She was something to struggle for, andthat was everything. How different from the women who yieldedwillingly! He swept the thought of them from his mind.}

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      It was thrown so straight in her direction that she knew who wasmeant, but never turned to look.

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      Several persons were in the manager's office, two lounging near awindow, another talking to an individual sitting at a roll-topdesk--the manager. Carrie glanced nervously about, and began tofear that she should have to make her appeal before the assembledcompany, two of whom--the occupants of the window--were alreadyobserving her carefully.

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       "Well," he said, "I saw you across the street there. I thought itwas you. I was just coming out to your place. How are you,anyhow?"

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    {  "Got to go straight home, have you?" he said.

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      Some of the other players quit, but observant loungers took theirplaces. Time passed, and it came to twelve o'clock. Hurstwoodheld on, neither winning nor losing much. Then he grew weary,and on a last hand lost twenty more. He was sick at heart.