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1. In 2016, fear and anger became dominant political emotions in the UK and the US — two of the most important, stable and enduring democracies.
2.   The honest man of the Guard, without seeking after any furtherinformation; so soone as he could compasse any leysure, reported allto Messer Conrado, who having heard these newes (albeit he made noshew thereof to the revealer) went to Madam Beritola, graciouslydemaunding of her, if she had any sonne by her husband, who was calledGeoffrey. The Lady replyed in teares, that if her eldest sonne were asyet living, he was so named, and now aged about two and twenty yeeres.Conrado hearing this, imagined this same to be the man; consideringfurther withall, that if it fell out to prove so, hee might have thebetter meanes of mercie, and closely concealing his daughters shame,joyfully joyne them in marriage together.
3. 1。农业生产水平的提高东汉时期的农业生产比西汉有所发展。铁农具和牛耕的使用更为普遍。
4. 用这些工具,基本上可以解决远程交流的难题。
5.   'Madam, you may: she shall be placed in that nursery of chosenplants, and I trust she will show herself grateful for the inestimableprivilege of her election.'
6. 3、可以用记事本直接打开,最好用EditPlus打开。


1. 白宗义本科毕业于东北大学电子工程系,毕业后便进入到了中国航天科工集团二院,从事电子战及军用雷达通信系统研发及项目管理。
2.   "Well, I did," he said, angered almost to harsh words. "Youneedn't throw up your success to me. All I asked was a littlehelp until I could get something. I'm not down yet. I'll comeup all right."
3. 警方在侦查中发现,涉案嫌疑人贩卖的监控视频账号达数万个。
4. "Oh, Sara!" cried Lottie. "I should like to live here!"
5. 元世祖、成宗时期,前仆后继的农民起义,相继遭到镇压而失败,但人民的反抗斗争并没有终止。各族人民继续在各地以各种形式向元朝统治者展开不屈不挠的战斗。
6.   The king trembled with joy and the cardinal with vexation;although, distant as they were from the queen, they could notcount the studs. The queen had them. The only question was, hadshe ten or twelve?


1. 绘画在明精两代呈现前所未有的发展,取得杰出的艺术成就。
2.   "Has Mr. Drouet gone out?" he asked of the clerk.
3.   "I'd like to," said Carrie, frankly.
4. 该知情人表示,这意味着或将重新遴选陪审团成员,重审该案。
5. 他在最近的硅谷BayBrazil会议上谈到了技术差距和对顶级AI人才的竞争。
6. 另外中国汽车流通协会推出了国标行认证二手车检测认证品牌,可以免费帮助消费者进行二手车检测。


1. 原标题:今起至月底京张高铁北京北站至太子城站增发4对高铁列车将有效缓解北京地铁13号线22日至29日西直门至霍营间临时停运期间(因林萃路施工)的市政交通压力,有效保障旅客出行需求。
2. 说明中国市场空间巨大,但如果安全问题不能得到有效控制和解决,前景亦堪忧。
3.   "Well, well!" said a voice. In the first glance she beheldDrouet. He was not only rosy-cheeked, but radiant. He was theessence of sunshine and good-humour. "Why, how are you, Carrie?"he said. "You're a daisy. Where have you been?"
4. 而今年的诺贝尔奖,更是一反过往青睐大型科技成果的传统,将大奖颁给了体积最小的科学新发现。
5.   Vaguely she knew herself that she was going to pieces in some way. Vaguely she knew she was out of connexion: she had lost touch with the substantial and vital world. Only Clifford and his books, which did not exist...which had nothing in them! Void to void. Vaguely she knew. But it was like beating her head against a stone.
6. 当你在工作的时候,你的效率应该是很高的。不然的话,那就是在浪费你自己的时间和公司的财富。如果你很厌倦,一天当中大多数时间是在浏览网页,你可能是想要寻找其他的能够激励你的工作机会了。


1. 今年1月21日,范某芳(女,64岁,湖北孝感人)与其丈夫邹某陆(男,67岁,湖北孝感人)从湖北武昌乘坐火车到深圳其女儿邹某(女,41岁,深圳人)处探亲。
2. 甲午战前外人已在各口岸设立工厂,战后正式取得此项权利,包括船舶修造、纺纱、自来水、电气、制茶、缫丝、制糖、打蛋、榨油、卷烟、造纸、制药等,以船舶修造业为大。最大轮船公司为怡和与太古,九十年代共有轮船五十余艘,招商局有二十六艘,往来沿海长江。海运完全取代了河运,运河两岸城镇随之萧条。依漕运为生者,大都失业,长江流域的船户、水手、工人,同样受到影响。最早通车的铁路,如津榆线、津通线、芦汉线北段,均在华北地区,旧有的交通运输自蒙打击。电报、邮政的开办,亦使不少人的生计发生问题。
3.   Into his handsome face, the bitter waters of captivity had worn; but, he covered up their tracks with a determination so strong, that he held the mastery of them even in his sleep. A more remarkable face in its quiet, resolute, and guarded struggle with an unseen assailant, was not to be beheld in all the wide dominions of sleep, that night.

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